100 ml


The multi-functional hair vitalizer

Ultrasoft Nourishing Hair Oil penetrates deep in your hair follicles enhancing blood circulation through the strands and revitalises your hair. It nourishes the scalp and cleans dead follicles to give clean, dandruff free and beautiful hair. The Sesame oil base has a cooling effect, which helps you relax, while Shankhpushpi and Vacha relieves headaches, rejuvenates hair and promotes hair re-growth, adding strength and shine to your hair.


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Enriched with

A cleansing agents which clears the scalp of dead skin and other residue and helps your hair follicles to breath, thus reducing hair loss

A massaging agent, which helps you, relax and drive your tensions away.Till oil an anti-oxidant that blocks ultra-violet rays and acts as a protection cap against tanning of hair

Cleansing effect of Kapoorkachri cleans the scalp, thus giving it the vital oxygen that stimulates hair growth

Acts as astringent and cures scalp infections

Promotes hair growth provides lustre, volume & softness to your hair.

Protects from UV rays, thus prevent photo ageing of hair.

Neem has medicinal qualities. It improves conditions such as dandruff, scaling and hair loss

Tea tree is wildly known for its many health and beauty benefits, including cleansing, soothing, calming and treating for the hair.

Strengthens the hair

Prevents dandruff and reduces split ends

Strengthens hair roots

It is rich in Vitamin C, which is important for boosting the immunity – which in turn helps prevent premature graying of hair.

Helps remove dandruff from the hair

Promotes hair growth

Tulsi (Basil) improves blood circulation and reduces dandruff and the scalp itchiness that accompanies it.

Promotes hair growth

It gives smooth silky hair and prevents greying. Has a calming effect that promotes hair growth and helps restore hair color.

Known as the ‘Food for Hair’. Excellent for hair growth. Strengthens the hair. Nourishes and prevents dandruff.

This herbal ingredient helps to prevent split ends and thus keeps the hair strong and healthy.

Soothes the scalp & stimulates hair growth

Henna makes your hair strands stronger, reduces dandruff, thickens hair, reduces hair fall and smoothens the hair cuticles.

Helps treat dandruff

Shankhpushpi herb is not only useful for shiny hair but it also helpful for reducing mental tension, helps in anxiety and treats depression. Thus it helps release emotional stress.

Helps to prevent hair loss.

Prevents brittle hair and hair loss.

Helps keep hair healthy, promotes hair growth and enhances shine.

It is a major source of Vitamin E- one of the most important vitamin needed by the hair.

Walnuts are a good source of potassium and omega acids that strengthen the hair follicles and prevent balding. It is widely suggested as a natural anti-dandruff agent and helps to maintain a healthy scalp.

Treats dry scalp and makes hair shiny and bouncy.

Hydrating for the hair.

Nourishing for the hair.


  • Stops Hair fall
  • Keeps scalp healthy and free from dandruff
  • Stops thinning of Hair
  • Stops premature baldness
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Reduces premature greying
  • Relive from emotional outburst
  • Prevents photo ageing
  • Maintains Hair lustre

Directions for use

Apply mildly hot oil on scalp using cotton wool & massage gently.Leave overnight and wash hair in the morning with Ultrasoft shampoo.