Social Responsibility

CSR for Ultrasoft (as coming from its parent company Ikon) has been the cornerstone of success from the time of inception. It has been in the DNA of the company to give back to society, what we earn from it.

Commitment to the society is one of Ultrasoft’s core values. When you choose to trust us, you’re not only investing in your own wellness but in the wellness of the society. We feel blessed to have had this opportunity to pay back in a small way for what we have received in plenty. As a responsible corporate entity, we try to contribute towards social and environmental progress on a regular basis. With this purpose, our CSR underlines the objective of bringing about a difference and adding value in our stakeholders’ live. For us the community/society at large is not just another stakeholder in the business but is, in fact, the very purpose of our existence. Ultrasoft is actively engaged in social causes leading to empowerment of socially disadvantaged groups.

We believe in giving back to the society by contributing Food & Care for the Old, Education to the Children & Healthcare for the Needy