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For radiant looking skin

Daily exposure of skin to sunlight and pollution leads to the building up of dead cells and dirt giving the skin a dull and weathered look. This unique formula enriched with Aloe, Orange fruit, Apricot and Lemon helps to remove the dead cells, lighten age spots, prevent acne and deep cleanses the skin, improves blood circulation and gives skin clean, clear, brighter and youthful look.

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Enriched with

Its anti-inflammatory property helps to reduce the redness of irritated skin and treat sunburn.

Oranges have high levels of vitamin C. Vitamin C, together with vitamin E, can reduce the sunburn reaction to UVB irradiation.

It helps to get rid of dead skin cells and allows new skin to regrow. It is a natural cleanser and anti-oxidant moisturizer.

Luffa or loofah take away the dead skin cells from the skin, revealing a new and clearer skin surface.

Helps to enhance the barrier function of the skin.

This vitamin is essential for healthy skin, and hair as it is needed for cell protection and maintenance.


  • Promotes Brighter & Youthful Looking Skin
  • Removes dead epithelial cells
  • Refines pores and gives antioxidant activity that prevents skin from further damage
  • Speeds up natural rejuvenation process
  • Exhibits super anti-inflammatory activity to combat the irritation associated with cell and bacterial debris
  • Revitalises skin and helps to reduce dark spots
  • Ensures even tone skin
  • Moisturises skin making it healthy, soft and supple

Directions for use

Take sufficient quantity of Ultrasoft Whitening Face Scrub and apply all over face and neck. Massage gently with finger tips in circular motion for 3 to 5 minutes. Wipe out with damp cotton