50 gm


Every mother’s go-to cream until the baby learns to pee-pee himself

Ultrasoft Diaper Rash Cream is an especially designed, high tolerance formula which contains Zinc oxide 12% with soothing & softening properties that especially calms feeling of irritation. Aloe and Almond soothes and moisturizes the skin. Willow herb helps to heal skin damage due to diaper rash. Calendula has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Witch hazel reduces irritation and redness caused by diaper rash. Vitamin B3, B5 and Vitamin E helps actively regenerate damaged skin by promoting cell renewal process.

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Enriched with

Heals the skin and decreases inflammation.

Soothes inflamed or irritated skin while allowing healing to take place.

Its strong antioxidant and astringent properties are perfect for killing bacteria that lives within skin’s pores, stopping cellular damage.

Aloe vera has strong soothing and moisture retaining properties. Stimulates skin regeneration.

This vitamin is essential for healthy skin, as it is needed for cell protection and maintenance.

It strengthens skin’s moisture barrier and reduces the appearance of discoloration and blotchiness.

Vitamin B5 minimizes skin spots and redness.

Provides comfort from diaper rash. Zinc oxide with antiseptic, soothing, softening properties, especially calms feeling of irritation.


  • Help soothe, heal and prevent diaper rash
  • Does not stain and easy to spread
  • Forms a protective barrier
  • Provides rapid relief
  • Prevents moisture loss
  • Protects the skin from an entry of harmful microorganism

Directions for use

Clean the diaper area and allow to dry. Then apply Diaper Rash cream on rashes and around the area with each diaper change, especially at bed time. Or apply anytime when exposure to wet diaper may be prolonged and leave on